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The visit was made on May 8, 2023


The contest will be adjusted to the following deadlines:

1.-    Information and Consultations.

1.1.- Reception of Queries.

Until May 9, 2023 (finalized)

1.2.- Communication of answers to the questions raised.

Until May 19, 2023 (finalized)

2.- Presentation of the works.

Until July 19, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. in the Public Sector Procurement Platform and in the repository set up for this purpose for the presentation of graphic documentation (finalized)

2.1.- 7/24/23. The provisional list of mottos and number of panels presented is published.

3.- Resolution of the contest.

The jury meetings are expected to take place from September 2023, for which the dates will be indicated on this web page.

The Jury’s resolution will be made public and all Contestants will be notified individually within ten days following the Contest Resolution.