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1.- Composition:

The jury will have the following members:

President: President of the Provincial Council of Alicante, with voice, but without vote.


  • Nathalie de Vries, architect of recognized international prestige, appointed by the contracting body of the Provincial Council of Alicante.
  • Fuensanta Nieto de la Cierva, in representation of the Superior Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain.
  • Elisa Valero Ramos, representing the Official College of Architects of the Valencian Community as a national architect.
  • Juan Deltell Pastor, representing the Official College of Architects of the Valencian Community as a field architect of the Valencian Community.
  • Antonio Ortega Godino, and alternate, José Carlos de Francisco González, representing the Alicante City Council.
  • Rafael Pérez Jiménez, and alternate, Alberto Mengual Muñoz, representing the Provincial Council.

Secretary: The Secretary of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Ampara Konix Frasquet, and as substitute, Encarna Martínez Espuch.

2.- Functions:

The functions of the Jury will be:

  1. Opening of the works, raising the corresponding Minutes in which the rejected proposals will also be reflected with reasoning of the causes that originate their exclusion.
  2. Definitive admission of works.
  3. Surveillance and compliance with rigorous anonymity in which the documentation corresponding to the first phase will have to be examined.
  4. Study of the works presented, deliberation sessions, resolution of the Contest and drawing up of the Minutes and opinion of the same. The exclusion, prior to the exam, of graphic or written documentation not requested in the call or that does not meet the requirements expressly indicated in these Bases.

If any action related to any of the functions of the jury is necessary, it will be properly reasoned and the corresponding Minutes will be drawn up.

3.- Resolution:

The jury will award a first prize that will include the commission of the project, a second and third prize, as well as first and second runners-up, in accordance with these rules. Likewise, it will be able to grant the mentions that it deems appropriate.

Decisions will be made by simple majority of votes. The presence of all members of the Jury with the right to vote will be unavoidable, to issue the final resolution, which will be reasoned.

All decisions of the Jury will be irrevocable, final and unappealable.

The first prize of the contest may be declared void.